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The Supreme Being - Dominium Artwork added to More Artworks - CESF

New Quotes added to The Sacred Repository 

Chamber of Reflection 2 Art Photo added to More Artworks - CESF

Chamber of Reflection Art Photo added to More Artworks - CESF

A.I. R U Me? Artwork added to More Artworks - CESF

A.I. R U Me? Artwork added to A.I. Are You Me?


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Charles E S Fairey's and Vincent Reed's Website
Apotropaic Ethiopia: Early Examples of 
Spiritual Protection from Christian Africa 


February 2019

Our New History & Mystery Blog 


'Chamber of Reflection' Artwork:

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November 2018

Revised 'History & Mystery' Article:

'The Remembrance Wraith' Poem 
and 'War begats Death, Love begats Peace' Artwork 
added to Remembrance Day

New 'History & Mystery' Article:

I Am Death Pumpkin Photo added to All Hallow's Eve & The Pumpkin

October 2018

The Secrets of Death Video added to 

It's All A Matter of Perception Video added to 

July 2018

New 'History & Mystery' Article:

Church Orientation, Alignment and Solar Worship

The Phoenix Shall Rise, And Set Fire To The Darkness 

Know Thy Self added to The Sacred Repository

Beware The Barley Moon 2017 added to Moon Rites

Harvest Moon 2016 added to Moon Rites

Supermoon October 2015 added to Moon Rites

The Eye of God Seest Me added to Beltane - Valpurgis

Sumer Is Acumen In added to Beltane - Valpurgis

Dance with the Devil on Walpurgis Night added to Beltane - Valpurgis

Luna Blessings of Beltane 2018 added to Beltane - Valpurgis

Merry May added to Beltane - Valpurgis

'Luna Blessings' Ostara 2018 added to Ostara

Let The Mists Take Them added to All Hallow's Eve

June 2018

Revised 'History & Mystery' Article:

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New 'History & Mystery' Article:

April, July & Nov 2017

Revised 'History & Mystery' Article:

December 2016

The Maitreya Artwork added to Maitreya Is Suffering Yet Enlightening

October 2016

Samhain 2016 added to All Hallow's Eve

Pumpkin 2016 added to The Pumpkin

Revised 'History & Mystery' Article:

September 2016

New 'Poem':

New 'Artwork' - 'The Apotheosis Of Man'

added to Artworks - CESF

New 'History & Mystery' Article:

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August 2016

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April 2016

I SEE'ST YOU (Artwork) added to Artworks - CESF

Through My Other's Eye

I AM, I BE, WE ARE, THE INDIVIDUAL (Artwork) added to Artworks - CESF

Morning Star (Artwork) added to Artworks - CESF

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Domesday Morris at Holly Holy Day Video added to Holly Holy Day

The 2nd Penkhull Wassail plus Video added to Wassail

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