Let The Pastor Burn

Let the Pastor Burn

by Charles E S Fairey

Let the Preacher Scorn, Let the Pastor Burn

As the World to the Might of the Individual turn,

An Oath is something to be kept by a man’s Word

Yes, we the multitude your preaching heard,

So Burn in the fires of your oath and hatred

We’ll look on in awe and feelings absolutely elated,

For another Fundamentalist and man of his selfish being

Retracts his Oath and Preaching and still utters believing,

Let’s watch as their congregations reduce to none

And he no longer preaches to any, not even one,

Burn, Burn, Burn, for the False Light you teach

And to heaven in flames your soul tries to reach,

But all that you hear above in reply is Silence

And below the Devil and his thoughts of violence,

And pull you from self-appointed pedestal from which you ruled

For it is only you and those deaf to the Lord you really fooled,

It is only you, Pastor, whom you can blame

Your true judge with the fiery sword came,

Coz really you should have preached “we all the same”

And now with Faith the multitudes of the Individual now reign,

In Flames In Flames Your Hatred Burns, Fire doesn’t discriminate

A Rainbow comes after Rain, For Charity and Hope doesn’t Hate!

The Wickerman and The Rainbows Watching