Do Ghosts Exist?

The following photographs are of unusual images caught on film: four of possible ghostly figures; two of orbs in mysterious places; and two faces staring from ancient stone:-

The Signal Man

This ghostly figure was caught whilst out and about with Tim Prevett, on his Tour of Haunted Crewe, on the night of February 15th 2012.

It was captured in the old Signal Control Room to the south of Crewe Station, at the now Heritage Centre. This Control Room was the main switchboard for all the signals and track controls for Crewe Station in the past, before modern technology made it obsolete.

The image was captured as a reflection in a window, you can see Mike's reflection, however the ghostly Signal Man, is standing directly where I (C. Fairey) stood taking a photo of the lights of Crewe. If the photo is a fluke of nature, then to capture an image made up of condensation on the window, whilst looking much like a figure with a face, would be extremely lucky, the right temperature, the right time of day, the right position, etc.

Plus the image is in Black & White, compared to Mike's colourful image, it's like an old photograph, does this further suggest the Signal Man, is peering at us from beyond the grave?

Plus the Signal Control Room is on the first floor, there is no gantry outside, or in the past was there?

Is he looking in or looking at you!

What do you think?

The Skeleton & The Man In A Hat

The Skeleton

(Please Click Photo or Download, to investigate further, by zooming in and out)

The Skeleton (Bottom Left Pane) (Larger Image)

Look back and forth to see him

The Man in a Hat

(Please Click Photo or Download, to investigate further, by zooming in and out)

The Man in a Hat (Bottom Left Pane) (Larger Image)

Look back and forth to see him

Whilst out working, we surveyed an Early Eighteenth Century Mansion House, next door to a town church, located in East Cheshire, (the exact location is secret, to protect privacy).

Whilst surveying in the garden, Charles saw in the corner of his eye, a dark figure rush past, which put him on tenterhooks, but it had disappeared when he looked again.

He was then drawn to two upstairs windows, where the old Ballroom had existed, as he felt he was being watched, and took many photographs of them, as he could make out figures through the glass.

Oddly, whilst surveying the interior, one of the windows, where the skeleton appeared, he had closed, and then opened the window boards, previously.

After the survey, whilst inspecting the photographs of the two windows, he confirmed that the ghostly figures were that of a Skeleton staring out from one window, and the figure of a Man in a Hat, staring from another!

Was the Skeleton an Omen, or some sort of Warning?

Can you make out the Skeleton figure, and the Man in the Hat?

Eerie Isn't It?

The Ghost In The Cellar

Whilst out working, again, a few years previous to the above, we surveyed a house, (situated in the same town as the story above, exact location, again secret, to protect the privacy of the occupants), where we gained access from a friend of the owner.

Oddly, the owner's dog was very friendly, and loved our company, but, when we went down to the cellar, the lady who had given us access, asked uneasily if we were OK going down there, also what was strange at the time, and when we thought back, after we had downloaded the photos, the dog immediately went quiet, and went to it's bed once we opened the cellar door.

Whilst there we did not feel that there was a presence, but once back at the office, we noticed that this picture had not come out properly unlike another taken in the same cellar. Did something affect the camera? We also noticed that there was a face and shoulders in the photo, and what looked like a white hand pointing downwards.

Is it a ghost of a young boy, trying to tell us something, is he pointing to his grave?

Was there a murder here, or is it just a fluke of the camera shake?

Can you make out the face, eyes, hair, and shoulders?

What do you think?

Is Merlin's Spirit Among Us?

An Orb Captured at The Wizard's Well at Alderley Edge

The Spirits Of The Ancestors

An orb captured on the side of the Neolithic chambered tomb of the Bridestones in Cheshire.

The Bridestones Simulacrum

Two faces staring out from the stone.

The Bridestones, Cheshire, near Congleton