The Black Dog

The Black Dog Of Barthomley

by Charles E S Fairey

The wanderer of the lanes

Of St Bertoline’s Clearing,

Signifying ones demise

The black furred Angel of Death.

At dusk he roams

The lanes near the Church,

Beware passers by

This dog is Death.

He waits and watches

The patrons of White Lion,

Creeps up slowly towards each victim

And when he howls be sure you’re next.

A black silhouette haunting the road,

Waiting for each victim,

Signifying your soon demise

The black furred Angel of Death.

It might be said he is the Hunter’s friend

The Black Dog who helped his Master

Bring down and kill the last wolf

In the dark trees of Barthomley Wood.

Now with the power of the Wolf

He stalks the lanes around,

Bringing death to heathen souls

The vicinity of Wulvern Brook,

Named after the death of last wolf

His Master calls and he is there

Signifying your imminent demise

The black furred Angel of Death.

The Black Dog of Barthomley (which is in South Cheshire) is a ghost similar to the Norfolk 'Black Shuck', whom's figure signifies death to people who see him.

This Black Dog roams the lane around the White Lion Pub in Barthomley

and inside the ancient graveyard.

The Poem also mixes in a little of another Barthomley Legend,

which according to local history the last wolf in England was killed here,

hence the brook running through Barthomley being called Wulvern Brook.

The White Lion Inn, Barthomley