The Ecstasy Of Death

The Ecstasy Of Death

by Charles E S Fairey

On yonder shore of Lord Death I explored

Where skulls upon hill were strewn all about

And demons called and at mine feet clawed

Yet my mind was a cacophony of angelic rout

Yet one alluring voice stood out above all the crowded rest

What I had come to know, now I'm at the end of my quest.

"Oh Sacred Warrior pick from the ground thy Beautiful Red Red Rose,

Thy Rose of Sharon, thine, mine Heart that conquored Immortal Death

Ignore the graves of untold lies and unholy grasping deathly throws

For it is thy Word that you doth desire and the eternal loving breath,

Thy Rose, Thy Rose of Thine Sacred Heart, Thy Tree of Immortality

A tale of Death through Life and a rule of morality yet eternal ecstasy!"

On yonder shore of Lord Death I plucked

A unique Rose like Tulip born in sacrificial blood

The winds and earth, like quake shooked

As into mine Heart the Secret of Death did flood.

"Oh my Lord, My Great Warrior, Lord of Death

Is it You who doth seek mine embrace

And together writhe eternal in blissful breath

Whilst you see the mirrored truth of face,

For you are not one but four; male, female and animalistic

Cloven feet, androgynous form and ascending horns fantastic,

My Lord, My God of Gods come writhe with me 'til eternal

And lie with me in the chamber of the ethereal immortal,

The true Being of thine Sacred Heart, My Rose, My Rose,

And from Life Rise to Death, for now all of Being Doth Knows."

On yonder shore of Lord Death I Rose

From the bare earth scattered by the unbecame

And now the Secret of Being I can now close

For me and the Magdalene are One, the Same,

My Heart bled both a Red Red Rose and Fallen Innocent but Deadly Lily

But now my True Being is in Mine Own Desire, the Spirit of Holy Ecstasy!