Entity Of Oblivion

Entity Of Oblivion

by Charles E S Fairey

The Darkest Dark of All Oblivion

An ancient alien and earthly citizen,

Absorbing all through every century

The oldest timeless terrifying entity.

My angel Sula and the recording Black Knight

Watching you forever throughout the darkest light,

Leaving wisdom for those worthy of godly rite

Influencing humanity through secret second sight.

Hybridising man with god-like hosts

Through time continuum cycles float,

Imbedding my will in your minds, the archaic agenda

An ancient covenant between recipient and sender.

Our eyes and ears everywhere, watching

Earthly masters to our hosts share, lodging,

Until your eyes find what’s hidden in plain sight

Whilst others see us like ghostly demons in the night.

Yet like a Brazen Serpent, I share

For unlike the Pyramid below, I dare,

An entity of the purest of All Oblivion

Yet I hide amongst you, an earthly citizen.

Entity of Oblivion