Lughnasadh - Lammas

The Harvest King

by Charles E S Fairey

The crop harvested and brought in

A time of celebration for me and my kin,

A time for story telling

And drunken fools dancing,

All about the harvest time,

The reaping, threshing and drunken rhyme.

Each year we pray for earth’s blessing

And celebrate with the lasses dancing,

With a barrel of ale

And a good measure of laughter,

We lie in the straw about each bale

And wake up smiling after.

May the king of the harvest shine

Down upon his flock and with bounty entwine,

Our families with cheer,

Happiness, health and love,

Supply our hearths with food and beer,

Mighty Harvest King, up above,

Shine and sparkle, each and every year.

May we rejoice ever in your bountiful heart

And from your charity we hope to never part,

Our faith in you, our shining reaper

The sickle and scythe, harvest keeper,

The wheat, barley and oats,

The corn dollies, and scarecrow coats.

Keep us not wanting and full

Our lives happy and never dull,

Oh Mighty Lugh,

We celebrate and dance the harvest jig, just for you,

Pray each year and every year, for your faith renew,

As we harvest and do as you do.

We rejoice, make merry, dance and embrace

Your shining, wheatsheaf coloured, sunny face,

Oh Mighty Lugh,

We dance in the corn, forever for you,

We dance and sing

To you Our Harvest King,

In the fields, folds and aisles

Mighty Lugh, full of smiles.

We offer you our beer and bread

As each harvest prayer is said,

Be among us Mighty Lugh

With your abilities imbue,

Our hearts with love,

As you sing and rejoice up above,

The harvest time is here!

And upwards, Mighty Lugh, We Cheer!