Supermoon 2011

Hail The Supermoon

by Charles E S Fairey

All hail Spring’s Supermoon

Without fail you tell our fortune

Exerting your power of prophecy

In mysterious happenings and lunacy.

Thoth’s source of godly knowledge

Through the skies you voyage

Bright and strong, your magnificence

Lighting the way, Diane’s luminescence.

For nineteen years we’ve waited

The Man in the Moon illuminated

Silvery moonbeams shining downward

Paving the prophecy future forward.

From the depths comes your rebirth

Selene the Guardian of Earth

You’re Isis the sky’s luminary

Full of knowledge, extraordinary and imaginary.

The Crow Moon of twenty eleven’s spring

What happenings do you symbolically bring

As the wolves and lunatics to you sing

And to pagans enchanting, skyclad dancing.

From the East you rose from your sleep

What souls will the prophecies reap

Mani extending his rays of Nordic runes

You the greatest of 21st century Supermoons.

You came right before equal day and night

To enlighten the world with your moonlight

To exert your prophecies and illuminate

Your new century followers you fascinate.

The Supermoon our mystic luminary

Drenching us in your white rays of finery

Light our path through the dark shadows

Our Supermoon of the deathly crows.

Your power of great knowledge and prophecy

Your love of us and our earthly odyssey

When shall we see your gaze again

To lighten our hearts and save us from the rain,

All hail the Spring Supermoon

Without fail you tell our fortune

And be sure to come again, soon, Supermoon.