The Druid's Yew

The Druid’s Yew

by Charles E S Fairey

An ancient Yew stands in sacred ground

Next to hill fort and holy spring

Where Celtic Britain made home

Until Rome came with temple and bath.

This Yew marking a sacred spot

Where Druids would balance Nature and Man,

Source information past and present,

Share philosophies, wisdom and teach.

The Yew symbolizing death and rebirth,

Transformation, old age and reincarnation,

Shamanic access to the Otherworld,

Immortality, renewal and regeneration.

Sacred to the Goddess Hecate

And The Crone of Triple Goddesses,

Both Guardians of the Underworld,

Death and the fabled afterlife.

The Yew a tree of protection against evil,

A messenger spirit to your ancestors,

Bringer of dreams and spirit journey,

A symbol of the great ‘olde’ magic.

Its vapour an elixir for visions,

The Yew with its own individual nature,

Spirit, personality and meaning,

The ‘Oak People’ worship its soul.

Important to the Winter Solstice,

Magical to the Iron Age folk,

Place of burial of tribal leader,

Believing his wisdom be joined to the immortal.

Ioho the last letter of Ogam,

Representing ancient Tree of Death,

Staves of Yew containing the Druids Wisdom,

Communicating their knowledge and soul.

A wand of Yew full of power,

Able to summon spirits from above or below,

Voldemort and his magical wand,

Tolkein’s characters and bows of Yew.

Here stood at Sacred Spring,

Outside Celt and Roman hill fort home,

Where the Druids performed their rites,

Beneath this ancient Tree of Death.