All Hallow's Eve

The Mystic Masque Pumpkin

I Am Death Pumpkin

The Dark Year Has Begun


by Charles E S Fairey

The Dark Year is here again

The ghosts now among God and men,

Summer’s End, the Festival of Samhain

Dance with the dead on All Hallow’s E’en.

The dead all about in the shades

As the evening sunset light fades,

Tales of ancestors and ghosts recited

As the World’s children trick or treat delighted.

The Celtic New Year is here

The Past, Present and Future near,

Ritualistic fires lit, about we dance

From the surrounding gloom the spirits glance.

The sacred places of the Ancient

Alive with etheric energy heaven sent,

The Angels descend to their haunts

Demons clamber up and begin their taunts.

This night the dead walk the ground

Children wailing and pumpkins frowned,

As all chaos descends on the World this Night

Order only reappears with the morning light.

A candle lit to remember the dead

To their old homes their spirits are led,

Commune with the mysterious deities unseen

On this the Dark Sabbat of Samhain.

A time of death and rebirth

All otherworldly entities walk the Earth,

From the dark silence comes whisperings

Of ancients and believers new beginnings.

Second sight achieved by Magi

A time to perform Necromancy,

The Dark New Year celebrated

New energies received by the initiated,

Summer’s End, the Festival of Samhain

Dance with the dead on All Hallow’s E’en.

Wizard Charlie!

I'm Watching You !


by Charles E S Fairey

The Owl doth’ watcheth,

Its screech pierces through the gloom,

The trees bend and yawn,

As shrouded figures rise from the tomb.

The Yew, and its spiky green fingers,

The Church Tower, and its clock,

Chiming bells, as another victim yells

At All Hallows Eve, and its ghostly flock.

One night, all may walk the Earth,

From Heaven, Hell, and in-between,

To visit their old haunts, and homes,

While people dress to scare away the spirits,

From Here, on ghostly Halloween.

True Witches Don't Burn

Honour Thy Angels, Burn Thy Demons

Samhain 2016

Let The Mists Take Them

The Dark Priest