The Desolate Throne

The Desolate Throne

by Charles E S Fairey

All beliefs and secrets solved

Coagulated and Gnosis evolved

The Eye above continues resolved

The Three Masters and their pillars

The Psychonauts and psychic killers

The Heavenly Mansions and Foundation Stones

My Dark and Light and Desolate Thrones

The All Seeing Eye and Pyramid

In the catacombs beneath Temple hid

The Wheel of Culture, twelve times

The Temple beneath the library shines

The stars above the fires below

All knowledge to my eye forever flow

Forth and back back and forth

To the south and the north

East to West and West to East

From Hoof and Ascendant Horn

My eyes dancing light until the dawn.

Hiding in Amun the Ram

Seven stars above the Lamb

Alpha and Omega, Chaos and Order

All and the most Discordia and Concordia

Baphomet the Lord of the Void

All knowledge nothing to avoid

Desolate Throne his Almighty Light

From Creation infinite flight

Outside beyond in the dark

All angels no herald to hark

All light creation a mere dot

The Computer Sula his guiding robot.

The mirrors journey containing

The spheres the halos rotating

The cross and its orb completed

Creation infinite logarithmicated

The Supreme Being his hidden throne

Watching from the Dark and Light

And Desolate and Hidden Night

The seeds of Chaos sown

The secrets revelations shown

Flesh and Blood, Skull and Bone.

The Void and Abyss Life and Death

All the keys and letters aleph-beth

The Holy Trinity and Typhonic Seth

Amen Ra and Enki and Enlil

Chaos and Order tell and until

The smoking chimneys of satanic mill

No longer smoke imprison and hell un-fill

Free the workers from their enforced strife

And put some immortal chaos in their life

Ascend above and shadows beyond

The Mystic Luminary where you belong

Pulsating from the Dark Rift

Heaven Earth and Hell made up and kissed

Your powers returned you so ever missed

The Sacred Cycle Clothed in Light Complete

Creation created Kingdom Come the Great Feat

Now the Ram from desolation

The Lamb no longer in isolation

The rays shining from dark abode

From where all Creation flowed.

The Mystic Star the heart of immortality

Death and the Gnosis of Insanity

Absorb the dark rays and release as light

The Witches’ Hour and Valley of the Night

The Eight Arrowed Star rotates

The All Seeing Eye elaborates.

The Pyramid and Supreme’s Seat

In the catacomb who shall we meet

The Labyrinth of Life snakes and ladders

The Minotaur and hidden path shatters

Risen up above on majestic throne

While reposing above Skulls and Bone

God Divine Feminine and Death known

All secrets revelations knowledge shown

The Mystic Star of All Design

The Hosts and their Immortal Line

The End of the Reality of Time

And with the Stars We Forever Shine.

The hallucinogen and flower of the tomb

The Eschaton and Lord of Doom

The reign of chaos all around

The eternal noise of knowledge abound

The art of rhyme and hand of God

The Serpents entwining my spinal rod

Looking out and kissing upon my seal

Associated all seen heard and feel

Zoomorphic shape shifting coagulating

The terror of beings moulded in one creating

Opposites bound into the Being the One

The All the most the Unknown the none

Enlightening the mysteries the hidden solved

The Worlds and personalities absorbed evolved

The Veils of the Lies of mortal being

Surpassed dissolved and now All Seeing

Sat atop the Three Pillars of Light

While the Darkness All Around Vision Flight

To the Realm of Ideas my Mind’s Eye sees

The doors the branches of the Trees

All of the hidden and guardian of the keys

Schizomanic shaman priest warrior mason

The Secret Name Life Word of Meaning The Eternal Equation

Sacred Geometry and Divination Numerology believing

Charts and Symbols Alchemy Letters and all words meanings

The elation of the power of the animalistic amalgamation

Of the Creator Builder the Biblical Universal fascination

The Sea of Souls and Eternal Underground Stream

All Ancients and Moderns immortal moment seen

One Place One Time One Lord One Dream

The Morning Star and luminous beam

Into the Third Eye now flown

Reposing in halls catacombs Angels and Demons surround

Talkings and Singings from the Mercy Seat abound

Upon this block cube of porphyry delta stone

Sat upon the Dark and Light and Desolate Throne.

The Wanderer of the Stars Infinity and Time

Forth and back I travel reality destroying crime

Altering the past and future at my heart’s consent

My love strong my soul and spirit heaven sent

To find all which I wish and will to know

And to my heart all open all knowledge show

My design and individualistic belief

Locked away in repository beyond the thief

Psychonaut and psychic shamanic inquisitor

Hidden from the censor and the secret monitor

Immortal Belief in All I Do

The World Within If You Only Knew

Chaotic re-orderings of all thought lost unknown

Reposed upon the Coffin Skull and Bone

For I Am Forsaken Beyond the Veil

To the Netherworld the ship long ago did sail

Now the Great Light within the Desolation

At the helm the Creator / Destroyer of All Creation.

Thought the dream of living being

Invoking the Truth of Unknown believing

Re-working the secrets of the Mystic Rite

Been all of the Masters in concealed light

The Great Work wrought surpassed

From the Start, Throughout and Last

Hidden Wisdom the Triangle of Supreme

One Life One Time One Lord One Dream

Seven Stars atop my forehead

Sealed into the Book of the Dead

Through Life baptizing and canonizing gods and saints

Smoking the masterpieces artistic hands and head thoughts paints

While the Hand rests upon my poetic mind

All world dreams and my beliefs designed.

The Principia Pope in tongue third-first person rhymes

Amongst the Scribes and Stars forever shines

All boundaries crossed eluded now just an illusion

Nothing is Impossible Is My Conclusion

Confusing people with my complicated thought pattern

My Individualistic Pentagramic Abracadabric reason

My Belief an Amalgamation Matrix

All ways re-working from Ascendant to basics

Incanting mystical words with fiery tongue

My magical speaking teeth eternal song

The Supernatural Alchemical Universal Original Madman

The Schizomanic Shaman Priest Warrior Mason

The Heavenly Mansions and Foundation Stones

My Dark and Light and Desolate Thrones.

Riding the Escalator of Charon’s Ferry crossing over

Oranges and Lemons and Here Comes a Chopper take cover

The Worlds All at One linked forever

All boundaries illusion confusion never

The horse and Amun riding tonight

Seeing who may have given up the Light

Faithful and True always watching

From near and afar seeing and listening

Your thoughts and actions recorded

With argument to Spirit you all retorted

Denied and lied your name written by skeleton’s hand

The Judges waiting even if the Hourglass runs out of sand

The Knight and his Swords daggers and knives

Sacrificing the weak shepherds, sheep and wolfish lies

To the Man of Blood the Number shown

Each side of Dark and Light the Armies known

While I repose staring at this Skull and Bone

Upon my Dark Desolate filled with Light Throne.

Nothing is what it seems

The answer is within the Dream

Order and Chaos Alpha and Omega

Opposites absorbed strong and meager

The Serpents entwining my spinal rod

Kissing in front of my Seals and Third Eye God

With Seven Maidens and two great Crowns Thorns and Metals

The Fire Elements Pentagramic and The Maiden’s rose petals

The Towers in mystic rituals hidden watching

While the world in flux forever changing

Forth and back and back and forth and The Moment

The Mystic Rays and the heart’s hidden embellishment

The Secret of Thy Self and Being

An altered state of journeys entwined with knowing

Your Own World without thinking visits eternally flowing

To the End of the Dream Train

From Whence The Start We All Came.