The Druids Secret Palace

The Druids Secret Palace

by Charles E S Fairey

The Druids hidden Yew Tree Palace

In an ancient wood full of Oaks

The Green Man’s Yews springing from the ground

With spiky green fingers and red fruit

Where the seers meet and speak

With Gods and nature spirits

Helping their tribe exist

Along with Mother Nature and Solar King

The Spirit of the trees and all that’s green

The Deities of the streams

That run through this antiquine world

The sacred pools dotted about this secret garden,

Where the trees bend and yawn

Ghostly voices as the wind whistles through

Bracken swaying and birds cawing

As a mystical rite is performed

In this enclavic World of Oak and Yew.

Where holly is abundant

Red berries adorning the sharp green leaves

Where fallen trunks decay

Insects crawling over leafy death

Bare wooden claws swallowing the sky,

A wily red fox seen in distance

Staring wildly at Druids ceremony

One Druid looks, at once with the wild,

And red fox turns and vanishes instantly,

This sacred landscape of Yew

Green spikes cover its wooden soul

Berries of poison here and there

Bending awkwardly towards the light

With its friends and offspring encircling

This Sacred Druidic Palace of Yew.

Outside the Yewic circle

Oaks rise high and erect

Towards the cloudy grey sky

With hollies in between, bracken,

Brambles crawling across the sea of decaying leaves

No other humans for miles just the Wood

Where at its epicentre

A fire is burning in a circle of Yew

Where the Druids made their Sacrifice

Where the sacred trees souls watch

These enlightened brethren clad in hooded shawl

Perform magical and mystical deeds

And worship amongst the trees

In this, The Druids Secret Palace.