Darkness Visible

Darkness Visible

by Charles E S Fairey

I am a formless unknowable black canvas, of a face

My veiled form hides the truth of thee, Oh Lord

All others glue to my form, with magnetic embrace

Come hither, be mine host, for the souless Lord.

I am darkness invisible, oblivion itself

Even the King of Terrors, serves my utter chaos

I have a face of all and many forms, but not myself

For I have none, but oblivion’s infinite unknowable darkness.

If darkness was visible, my form would terrorise

For to see your Lord, in his truest form

Your eyes with bleeding darkness, would the devil realise

For upon my cross you suffer, in my anger, hoof and horn.

My price you may ask, is evil, it is mine

For I do not wish you, to suffer the same

I have chased myself, for magdelenic ethereal time

Yet still no one, I, the Lion, has been able to tame.

A thousand features, a thousand forms, infinity

Darkness Visible, the light a’blazoned, the veil of the unknown

A thousand sins, a thousand crimes, the law of divinity

I made my enemies, with hell’s eternal fiery throne.

But darkness visible, would have it no other way

For he knows what love is, and is eternity true

It doesn’t matter if you judge me, or care to pray

For darkness visible, is all I have ever known, or knew.