See https://www.learnreligions.com/all-about-ostara-the-spring-equinox-2562471,


and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/March_equinox,

for more information about the festival.

The Birth Of Light: The Spring Equinox

by Charles E S Fairey

I am the balance

Yet the birth of the ruling light

Yet the dying of the night,

From this day forth

I am the Year of the Light,

This day, my King is born

The mighty Oak,

And come the Solstice of the Light

The crescendo of my utter daylight,

And from my throne in the light, I rejoice,

The Oak marries his Solar bride

And my acorns grow from my flowers

And my leaves descend to the ground

The squirrels and the hogs, spread my kin

And I go into the shadows,

When my brother is born;

My brother’s birth comes at my death,

And the Holly King is born,

For we two, are the balance,

And my friend, the Green Christ,

Dies to bring truth and love

At the beginning of my power;

To show that I am much to the World,

For my trunk and leaves, are mighty and rebirthing;

For I am Above and Below

Yet I am the balance:

Yours Ostara and the Oak.

The Ostara Light

'Luna Blessings' Ostara 2018