Who Is God?

Ascend As Ye Go

by Charles E S Fairey

Ascend as ye go

Go with the flow

Don’t set Your goal too far

For Tomorrow shines like Ra

As each day comes, bow to the history

And learn from experience, and yesteryear’s mystery.

For You are One with You

From Horus and the cloud clad sky of blue,

For an Open Eye and Mind

Far outweighs the rest, that shall be bind,

Live each day as it comes

As if You are One of the immortal sky Suns,

For an unobtainable future dream is such

Only listening will grant an Angels heartfelt touch,

Set Your Eye on Ascend as ye go

And upstream you go with the flow.

Remember you were born once long ago

And you will die one day it goes to show,

So set thy attention on thy, tomorrow’s goal

And with Wisdom sow that seed into eternal soul,

For it is the Wisdom and the Teaching You must know

Don’t worship those gods as men, blow by blow,

But learn what they taught, the Way of Life

And maybe that shall end Your jealous knife,

For acting to please the world of others, is One’s keeper

But the wheel of the future, One’s destroyer,

Ignorance is want, knowledge is freedom

And the Spear of Destiny, One’s Kingdom,

So set off and Ascend as ye go

And into the future ye shall know,

For the river runs wild as ye flow

And with Wisdom gained the torrent you row,

So with Open Eye set on just each Tomorrow

And the Lord in His footsteps, his Way of Life You shall follow,

Ascend as ye go,

And Remember just with Open Eye, go with the flow

Until Soul and Kingdom Come, ye shall know!

Do Not Worship God As Man

by Charles E S Fairey

Do not worship God as Man,

Would You worship me as a king

And still of My Knowledge sing?

Do not worship God as a king,

Worship My Way of Life sacrosanct

And take of My Knowledge and Wisdom sacrament.

Do not worship God as Man,

For I Am but both, all and encompassing

For My death was beyond the Cross and Passing.

Do not worship God as death,

For Mine Angel is without judgment

He is My constant companion, Heaven Sent.

Do not worship God as you,

For I Am all things, everything in your soul

And My Throne embraces every mortal pit and hole.

Do not worship Me as Man,

For I Am but the Son of Mankind

And within yourselves My Light you shall find.

Do not worship Me as a God,

For You know not what that word means

And it does not entail worship or what it seems,

Worship My Way of Life sacrosanct

And take of My Knowledge and Wisdom sacrament,

For the Cup overflows, and each of Us, Our Way alone goes.

Who Is God

by Charles E S Fairey

Who Is God?

Maybe where no one has trod,

Before all came

I had walked the same,

Where no Mason had measured

Where no Phoenix flew feathered.

Who Is God?

None but Your Own fisher and rod,

The Sea of Souls

The deepest pit of all holes,

From whence You came

And what You became,

For Within and Without

Of the Balance I shout,

It is You, It is You,

As the Sun burns, as the skies are blue,

As the water flows, as the wind blows,

For I whisper in the breeze into Your ears

There’s no need to be Me, dry Your tears,

For I Am but You and ye know

That forever is here and always flows,

So, Who Is God?

Yourself, and Your Divine Fishing Rod!