3am's Dark Eve

3am’s Dark Eve

by Charles E S Fairey

At the Witching Hour I Awoke

To the memories of my Dark Goddess,

I had been with my eternal beauty, the Dark Eve

Her Eyes told no lies and in Her Embrace I Believe,

Like a kitten I had gazed upward to Her alluring recognition

This surely was the beauty of my dark heart’s obsession.

We had made it home from a fantastic journey

With hand in hand around each shoulder,

So jolly had been our trip with feline wanderers

Searching each other’s hearts with childlike wonders,

We had lost each other at one moment, worries a’loud

But we had found each other again in the bustling crowd.

We processed around a perfect mindscape

Dark forests, ancient trees and foreboding castle,

In childlike companion’s embrace, we upon our jaunt,

But after waking, my Goddess, my heart does haunt,

My Witching Hour obsession, 3am’s Dark Eve

Her Eyes talk no lies and in Her Embrace I Believe.

Where we had been before this waking memory

Only me and my Dark Eve shall ever know

For the night had been long and effectively timeless,

Even now with salivating lips my soul yearns Her Eternal Kiss,

But the waking memory was so dark and wondrous

I had to put pen to paper, Witching Hour fearless,

For I had journeyed in childlike wonder with my Dark Eve

All I know there are no lies in Her Eyes, and in Her Embrace I Believe.