Ode To The Fly Agaric

Ode To The Fly Agaric

by Charles E S Fairey

Oh Amanita muscaria

How beautiful your skin

Your fairy tale fame

And your hallucinogenic hymn!

A gift from the gods

Eight legged Sleipnir in the sky

Blood flecked foam from his mouth

Fell to Earth so we might fly.

Oh muscarinic mushroom

What pleasure you sing

Oh what religious visions

What hallucinations you bring.

Searching for your red and white cloak

Among the birch, larch and fir

When we find you growing

Life becomes a fantastic blur.

We boil and drink thy broth

Even fry and serve with bread

Or dry you and eat you up

And listen to what the Angels said.

Oh my sacred ‘shroom

When shall we meet again

Till next autumn when you bloom

And drive me yet again, insane.

A YouTube Video of the famous Red and White Mushrooms filmed by Michael can be seen

@ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pT-ZZN0RC3Q