Remembrance Day

11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month

11th November


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And for the Centenary, 1918 to 2018:-

The Remembrance Wraith

by Charles E. S. Fairey, November 2018

A hundred dark years before, Death’s scythe roamed and roared raw

And the Apocalypse knocked frostlike upon Earth’s embattled door,

And the silhouette of dead soldiers souls in the yellow mist walked the land

Whilst ghostly skeletal wraiths and their eternal hourglass’s sands wild ran,

For War had come and the Grimm had become relentless

Death and destruction, two by two, eternal, utterly senseless.

A hundred dark years later, skeletal wraiths still instil fear

Fiddling away earthly lives, blood on blood, year on year,

The shriek of the Fiddler’s fingers flogging string

The solemn silence of soldiers suffering souls sing,

“When We Pray, Will They Learn,

Are We Still, with War to Burn?”

Our poppies worn upon our hearts blood red rosary emblazon

The ghostly armies of the Wraith, waiting upon sunset’s horizon,

Two by two, blood on blood, year on year

Until no Earth’s left, only Hell unto adhere,

The lonesome Remembrance Wraith, fiddling fingers flogging

To the Voice’s solemn silence of soldiers suffering souls sobbing,

“What Have We Done, What Shall We Do,

If in a hundred years, They still don’t know what We Knew?”

“Remember, every 11th of November

War begats Death, Love begats Peace!”

War begats Death, Love begats Peace