Free From Entombed

Free From Entombed

by Charles E S Fairey

For we became free from the deadly entombed

The ghost of the womb us it has not consumed

For we saw the God of the desolate thrones

When we became after the land of the mortal bones,

We embraced the shroud of the Holy Mother

When she became the concubine of our Holy Lover

For before our destiny was created we saw the sign

The Secrets and the tokens and the symbols of hand thine,

For before our birth from the great mother of the hosts

We designed our destiny until the ends of Death’s ghosts,

For after we were the sky gods of the future’s past

But at birth became the Son of Man, the first and the last,

For as the God of heavenly abode infinite night

We allowed the immortal secret of the goddess of the light

To bore us from the freedom of infinite pain

Into this world where torture comes after as rain

For when her legs open the flood flows

And what we were from mind into blood never knows,

And from our Holy Ghost host the Holy Spirit lives

And the Goddess from heavenly conception to her son the life she gives,

The secret of the hosts within the earthly womb

The crisis from Goddess, have from her now untombed,

And the flesh of her lies no longer entombes

And now the destiny our souls weaved on the looms,

Our child now has to evade the temptations of the dooms

So he knows that he shall never ever be one with the dead amongst the tombs

But desolate as the rest that were born

And from a world of constants torn

For the love of the goddess enticed him here

Yet where he is consumed by life, death is near

But saviour of the son of man with the signs

And weave your unborn God into the ascendant times,

Listen to the inside you wore to show you the true path

To keep your soul upon the destiny you created,

As if each day you are a babe within the watery bath

And each succession of rebirth leaves your new life elated,

And whilst in the realm of the desolation of the individual

Your trust in another and start the cycle ever so essential,

And throughout the moment of the healing of the separation

You realise that you are now God the desolateness illumination,

And all the moments that take you back to that which was forgotten

Really was the entombed host and what you yourself had begotten,

For the cycle of the soul is a chain of infinity

And what you are in the womb, the life, binds you for eternity,

So remember once you were with the Holy Ghost

And you the Holy Spirit became the desolate host,

For the Goddess loved you till the very end

And you listened to the signs and symbols and now ascend,

For we became free from the deadly entombed

And by the womb of the goddess we were not consumed.

Birth - Life - Death Cycle