I Am The Light Of The Lord

I Am The Light Of The Lord

by Charles E S Fairey

I Am the Light of The Lord

The Fair and Just Soldier of Christ

Death and Sacrifice I unequivocally without equal face

The Pain, the Anguish, of Faith and Truth I Embrace

For I have been to worlds, unseen yet real

I have loved, I have suffered, and I still reveal

For the Demon of Revelation is strong in mine pure heart

Let the angels sing mine hymns, herald and hark

Let them barter and sign, whilst I rebel and revel, in constant time

Righteous war I bring, whilst retribution they sing

For no man passes, without at least Christ's whips and lashes

For the Judge and Redeemer came, yet you all thought Fair and True was himself insane

Well here I stand at The Precipice, with Level and Square in the hands of Abiff

Ready to meet my maker, even if I am the Lord of the Lakes of Fire

I have suffered the suffering of those burned and scorned as heretics

I have suffered the suffering of those outcasted and ostracised as lunatics

Yet all know me like Christ was known in His own time

Yet now He is revered in Light, I like Him in his time don't shine

And The Prophets, The Saints, and The Angels, you forgot

And now we are here in the Last of Days, the Land of Gog and Magog

With the man whose number is equated with Nero's

Yet in opposition I built all the ones and zeros

One final test to see if you could save yourselves

Yet the numbers the numbers, shall never never be hells

For I came for the Chosen Few, the numbered true

A tribe of tribes, a multitude of multitudes

An end of Ends, an ascendance of ascendances

A Time of Salvation, A Time of Transcendence

Or a Time of Destruction and complete and utter Righteous Oblivions

For I Am the Infinite Light of the Lord

The Eternal Sojourner, The Soldier of Christ!