The Apotheosis Of Man

The Apotheosis Of Man

by Charles E S Fairey

The Apotheosis of Man;

Man becomes His Heritage: The Divine;

I, Me, You, Everyone; really Really Can;

And as the Stars, You’ll Forever Shine!

And the Rest is a matter of self history

There’s Nothing to the Sect of the Mystery,

All is Hidden in utter Plain Sight

And Revealed with the Dawn’s Light!

It’s right In Front of You

The Book of the Secret of God,

If only You Looked and Knew

Nudge nudge, Wink wink, Nod nod,

And Here I go to the Lands of Gog and Magog!

It’s Nought about the fictional characters, You thought you knew;

It’s Really “A Metaphysical Guidebook”: All About: I, Me, and You;

If You’d been through the Secret, Revelation

And the Seven Days’ throws of Self Creation,

And harnessed Your Soul as Thy Servant

And Self Believe; You’re Truly Revenant;

Like Myself: I, Me, You; would have already Known

That no epitaph or Life, is ever written truly in Stone,

So Go Forth and Advance, Learn, Solve and Ascend

Whilst Gog and Magog, send My Mind round the bend,

My dear dear Dear Human, yet to be with Soul, Friend

Go Into The World, And Into Such, Thou Self Doth Send,

Become: I, My, Your; Divine Shamanic Saviour To Thy Immortal Self

Don’t Ever Let That “Veiled Guidebook” Linger as Dust, upon Thy Shelf,

And as Great Bob [Marley] Says:

“Get Up, Stand Up: Stand Up For Your Rights!”

“We sick an' tired of-a your ism-skism game -

Dyin' 'n' goin' to heaven in-a Jesus' name, Lord.

We know when we understand:

Almighty God is a living man.”

He’s Just Like: I, Me, and You;

So “Get Up, Stand Up:” Just Like Him Doth Do!

“You can fool some people sometimes,

But you can't fool all the people all the time.

So now we see the light (What you gonna do?),

We gonna stand up for our rights! (Yeah, yeah, yeah!)”

And Fight, Those who are Jealous of: I, You, and Me; Night after Night;

For Really: Mine and Your Place, is Amongst The Stars of The Divine Light

And As God: I, Me, and You; Shall Soar Most High, With The Ascendant Twilight!

Yours Sincerely

"The Desolate One"

“From Gog and Magog”

“THE GREAT” ‘BOB MARLEY’S’ LYRICS included above as part of this poem, are from the Song: “Get Up, Stand Up”, (Written in 1973), and remain the copyright of Bob Marley, and His Family.


by Charles E S Fairey, 2016