The Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen

by Charles E S Fairey

The legendary water nymph

Who lives about the oaken forest,

She can be seen by the River bank

Or by the black mere or wishing well.

Enchanting little children into her world

Where elves and ogres abound

Hidden from adult eyes

Guarding her dream-like realm.

A fabulous world where children play

She sits playing her lute

Bathing in the shimmering lake

Come swim with her the Queen of Fairy Folk.

Drop a penny down the well

And make a wish upon your life

The Fairy Queen will make it true

As she dances about the spring.

Her ancient song, her dreamy speech

Her friends who live in the caves

The ogres beneath the bridge

The Gnomes in the trees,

Come play with the Fairy Queen and her friends

And live within a dream

Where all happiness may be found.

Dance to her music, be forever young

Drink from the fabled fountain

And swim with her to everlasting joy,

The mythical fantastical Fairy Queen.