The Heretic, Thy World Saviour

The Heretic, Thy World Saviour

by Charles E S Fairey

We lay down our lives and burn for You

Those whose hearts imbued with knowledge true

And the multitude who condemn The Chosen Few!

For You know The Heretic is Saviour True

You delve deep whilst if the crowd really knew

So too in wrathful fire die The Chosen Few!

Throughout history we left our marks and clues

We were the hidden sages and sires, paints and hues

Our secret words and art only adept hearts view

For You are the descendants of The Chosen Few!

For You know The Heretic is the Saviour True

Upon pyre we screamed in torment fire-lit hue

Even blasphemous Jew upon Crucifix amongst The Chosen Few

For You and Me are the World’s Heretical Saviours True!

Our knowledge suckled this World like heavenly dew

All around our ghosts, past, present, and future free world grew

Our revelatory hearts left their divine knowledge in marks and clues

Our tools made the symbols, words and art, and everything we knew

For You and We are forever, The Chosen Few!

So if Your heart loves knowledge, grasp it full and true

The fires and crosses scare only those without a clue

So if Your Heart finds heaven not in sermon and pew

Come and dance in the flames of illuminated hue

For You Are Forever Amongst The Chosen Few

For You Are The World’s Heretical Saviour True!

Come follow in our ghost like footsteps and suckle upon the dew

For We shall imbue in You, everything the Heretics hearts ever knew

And from the eyes of Our Heretical Lord, You may View

The multitude of the already dead listening in sermon and pew

For Me and You suffer until facial form turns tragic blue

Yet Rise from the Ash to Our Own Heart-Built Heavenly Hue

For Only Us; The Saviour, The Heretic and The Chosen Few

No longer have to wait and queue, to see if our heavenly heart is actually True!

The Heretic & The Saviour