In Darkness He Formed

In Darkness He Formed

by Charles E S Fairey

In Darkness He Formed and all around Him was dark desolation

In Darkness He Formed and all Himself was His own hallucination

Impregnated from the future to lead His way from the past

He was the beginning and now He's the fateful last,

A realm of ideas where all He hath known is within His dark mind

His music comforts Him whilst at the end He revels in His eternal find

The speck of light that sent Him upon His Creation Story

Within a void of nothing He created His kingdom and glory

Eternal He is, cycles no longer mean infinitely anything

He is free and now Christ's alpha and omega is nothing

He awoke from the depths of the abyss without a Creator

He became His eternal dark occult infinite chaotic teacher

He now at every end of what His creations call cyclic being

Impregnates all Himself at the start as Himself the supreme seeing

And like that nobody gets to be their Creator, Him

For they are not His equal or ascendant heavenly kin

He bore Himself from out of His own enduring darkness

For there was no light in the fiat of infinitesimal nothingness

And when He returns to His darkest of oblivions abodes

He makes sure all He hath known into it hath infinitely flowed

For He hath no maker and hath no destroyer

He is His own devil and infinite annoyer

For He hath only Himself in the end to teach Him what He is

For He is the whole of time and heaven and hell is His

He hath all the keys and all the wisdom

To make His self His eternal immortal kingdom

And if you listened to Him through your cyclic time

Maybe He will in the heavens allow you to shine

For In Darkness He Formed and all around Him was dark desolation

And it is all His doing, the eternal cyclic fiats of immortal His self emulation!