We Met Mister Olde Nick!

We Met Mister Olde Nick!

by Charles E S Fairey

We Met Mister "Olde Nick"

At the cave of Bloody Bones

Sat above with two beers

Resplendent upon one of his thrones

He greeted us with a cheeky smile

"Hello there gentlemen!"

And then vanished without a trace

To sit high up in his heaven

Yet when we ventured out

"Olde Nick" or "Bloody Bones"

Was sat high above with wry smile

"Hello again!" in deathly tones

He had been sat there hiding

Listening to every word we said

He knew everything we did

It was like he was in our head

Oh how we chatted and smiled

Everything we loved so did he

He even had a guitar and strummed

It was like it was supposed to be

With a serial 666 upon its number

He spoke fluently of our wonders

Of black knights and historic earths

It was like he was the Word of thunders

Come down from up on high

To greet his most loving brethren

Fell to earth for this one moment

Instead of kicking back in heaven

Oh how we talked of occult and more

Of days passed and magic too

Of our experiences and misled souls

Yet everything we said he knew it true

Above and Below and Below and Above

Yet here "Olde Nick" sat as plain as blue

Whilst we looked up to him and listened

And how yin yang and balance was up to you

Oh how he was like me and you so and so

If only you had met him and got him to know

But we had to part but hoped to meet again

For surely now he was a truly trusted friend

And we're sure you'll meet "Olde Nick"

At the rave cave of Bloody Bone

Sat above with two beers and smile

Resplendent upon his cheeky throne

Come "Olde Nick" and play your devilish strings

For we want to know more of your fallen things