The Pumpkin

The Pumpkin Prayer

by Michael C Oakes

We light this candle within the pumpkin head,

This lantern is a guide for the souls of the dead,

Enter all good spirits we welcome thee,

From Jack’s stare evil spirits must flee.

The Pumpkin Of Halloween

by Charles E S Fairey

Oh Jack O’ Lantern

You light our home,

Protecting us from the evil spirits,

Devils, demons and ancient crone.

Grown to such a magnificent size

Our macabre grotesque pumpkin,

Carved face with glowing scowl

Illuminating light from deep within.

What creatures of the night

Do your piercing eyes scare,

Each year we create thee

And your flesh we eat and share.

Your eyes flicker in the flame,

Shadows dancing about the room,

Like ghosts the walls come alive,

Your monstrous head lighting the gloom.

What creatures of the night,

Have your piercing eyes seen,

Here each year

On ghostly Halloween.