Through The Eyes Of Death

Through The Eyes Of Death

by Charles E S Fairey

My Muse haunts me so

Every hour, every day, all time,

I feel All He doth Know

And soon I will Be all Mine.

For my Twin, in His Eyes

Has watched Me since time began,

All existence, all my Be-ing, it’s lies,

Why do I supplicate to Thy Holy Ram?

For one day I shall view as He

And See Myself from Death’s Eye,

And See why I was and still Be,

For to Be and to Know is to Die.

My Eternal Muse He Watcheth,

But at the time of Ascendance,

I will Myself Truly Knoweth

And I Will Be, Omnipotence.

For I Am thus I Be,

For I Be thus I Am,

And in My hand I hold the sands of time

And in the other, the secrets of My Be-ing,

For all what I was and Am is Mine,

For I as my Muse, Death, Am All See-ing.

I Am thus I Be