God Horizon

God Horizon

by Charles E S Fairey

As I stood upon a barren shore

I stared out across the vastless sea

And asked myself but where is God

And only saw a black void of infinity

I stared and glared beyond the sea

Yet nothing came to greet my search

For moments in the trip I felt all alone

And whether He had died and left me be

Yet once I woke and after a while

I realised that the Horizon was me

And God was within and had always been

Walking talking looking after me

What glory we may find within ourselves

When we stop looking out across the sea

And delve deep within ourselves and find

That what we are, is truly glorious He

For the vastness we see out there

Is nothing compared to that within

And so I found the Horizon of God

Hidden beneath mine exploring curious eyes

And not out there in the barren sands and sea

God Horizon