The River Wye

The Serpent Of Dean

by Charles E S Fairey

You the mysterious Sylvan River Wye

Your peregrine and hunting sky,

What histories you have seen

Severn’s great Forest Queen.

You the serpent and your meander

Your imagination, the great enchanter,

Flowing through the wooded vale

Your Severn head and Welsh tail.

Through cliffs you carved your way

To Chepstow from the town of Hay,

Your splendor and silvery surface

Your Vaga deity’s loves and curses.

Great Offa follows your forest path

Guarding England from Britons wrath,

Hill forts dotted either side

With the ancient tribes you ride.

Floods occasionally you bring

To your Forest and historic king,

What devastating power you hold

What inspiring stories you’ve told.

You the Wye and your Yat Rock

Your abbey and lordly flock,

Your hidden druids and forest leys

You the serpent, all histories you sees.

You, the serpent of Dean’s woods

Your shiny shimmer and tidal floods,

Up above your guardians hunt and fly

You the mysterious Sylvan River Wye.