Arbor Day

Arbor Day is an ancient festival day and dates back to when tree dressing was widely carried out as a pagan fertility rite. Choosing a tree to worship, inhabitants from a wide area would lay on it women’s clothing believing that by doing so agricultural fertility was ensured for the coming season. The practice honoured the Celtic fertility goddess Brigit who as Christianity took over from the old religion was sanctified as St Bride or St Brigit.

In 1660 on his return to the throne, King Charles II announced that 29 May would not only be known as Oak Apple Day, perhaps a reference to when he avoided capture by Roundhead soldiers by concealing himself in an Oak tree at Boscobel during the Civil War, but as a public holiday. At this time the ceremony was revived throughout Britain with celebrations taking place on an annual basis. Eventually Oak Apple Day was abolished in the mid 1800s.

Arbor Day takes place on the last Sunday in May each year.

Our Sacred Oak - Arbor Day

26th May 2013

Our Mystical Mighty Sacred Oak

by Charles E S Fairey

Today we adorn thee

Oh Greatest of all Trees

We fly colourful ribbons

From you, the Tree of Woden’s,

Attached to your fertile form

Growing in power each morn to morn,

Oh King of all Trees

Oh Arbor Tree, We Adore Thee.

Where we may repose and sit

Beneath your green man spirit

Under your Oaken gaze

Our eyes with emeralds ablaze

Whilst the Sun blazes above

Its rays imbuing you with love

And here below your driad souls

Drink from your Faerie acorn bowls,

The knowledge of the Oak King

Your spirits, birds, whistle and sing,

Communing with Nature You and We

Performing our sacred rites, You and Me,

Hear Us, Oh Druidic Oak

Clothe Us in Your Ancient Cloak.

Worshipped each Arbor Day

An archaic festival some might say

When your mystique is invoked

St Brigit’s fertility ribbons soaked,

Decorated with runic cloth each May

A summer ritual, the last Sacred Sunday,

Our King of Trees, Oh Our Sacred Oak

For millennia you have inspired magical folk.

In the wind we hear your divine song

Angelic voices we have heard for so long

From Hunter, Druid, King and Priestess,

Your domain never fails to impress,

You, the Centre of the World Realm

All mystery and the All-Father at your helm.

What have you seen

Which of we can only dream

Since your birth

King of the Earth

What of Nature have you known

Whilst through millennia you have grown?

Your animal spirits and sprites

Passing through infinite days and nights,

Sheep grazing around

Lambs bleating surround,

Oh Our Lord of Trees

Oh Mystic Oak, We Adore Thee.

Adorned with incantations and prayers

The colours of life you now wear

Watching over, guarding worshipper

Teaching them, Nature’s eye opener,

Your spirit emanates emerald greens

The Wildman, Oak King, within our dreams,

Watching over us immemorial, eternal

Your love everlasting, paternal,

Helping us ascend above

A thank you for all our love,

Oh Our Sacred Oak

You adore us and we adore you,

Clothe us in your emerald cloak,

Each adornment our ribbons renew

Our worship of Oaken you,

Our King of Trees

Your many druidic sanctuaries

The Mystical Mighty Sacred Oak,

The Inspiration and Power of magical folk.

Watch Over, Guard We

Adorn Us With Your Great Spirit, as We Adorn You

May The Oak King and The Green Man Be Ever in Our Hearts

So Mote It Be.

Our Sacred Oak - Arbor Day

27th May 2012