The Maiden Is Death

The Maiden Is Death

by Charles E S Fairey

The Maiden and her cowl

Coloured black covered with rose,

Symbolising death and her love

Libra and her scales, deathly blouse.

St Mary the White and Red rose

Her Son’s blood pentagram red,

The Rosy Cross his eternal life

The five petals his wounds bled.

Her Son the Lily of the Valley

The lily bright sacred white,

The Rose of Sharon or Charon

Death to Resurrection The Light.

Lord of the Gates of Death

And zodiac Magdelene with stinging tail,

The Maiden and her black rose

Signifying death without fail.

Eve and Adam turning white rose red

Mary with Godly Sire,

Innocence born again

Born under star above Kingly byre.

The Maiden dressed in black

Rose designs covering her clothes,

The Libran woman, mother of Christ

From who all life flows.

Aries is her rosy heart

The animal she does adore,

Her Son the Lamb of God

The ghostly spirit she bore.

For the Maiden is Death

Her Son is life everlasting,

Woman is infinite existence through death

Man is immortal spirit through be-lieving.

Farewell to the lovely peace

The withered white rose,

Death of innocence consumed by love

And again Maiden’s Saviour rose.

From the sleepless grave

Yet again walking here,

Upon these blood red petals

The Angels watching near.

The innocence of a child

The love of a Warrior,

The Maiden’s son a majestic sire

The love of her heart, her Saviour.

The Son of the Rose

Whether Black, White or Red

Upon the World cross he bled

For he is the Maiden’s Son,

The Rose of Charon

The Symbol of Life, Death and Resurrection.