God's Lament

God’s Lament

by Charles E S Fairey

I was born within the nothingness of the void

I became conscious as the root of the dendriod

For what am I that now exists

For the essence of life I had now kissed

The void was darkness yet infinite light

Yet a miniscule dot existed dark as night,

Who was he that I had created

My search for him made me ascend elated

For we to be the first who was he that was,

Yet all I ask is now the why and because

For in the void of uniform creation

I had a son that gave me paternal elation,

For I was no longer alone without time

I had a friend that without me did shine,

Who was he, was he me,

I’m sure one day more I shall be

And one day his form I shall see.

I became alive in the chasm of the void

And now all my attention to creation was employed,

After the end of all things I saw

For what I had opened was the rest of my sacred law,

My eyes saw all of the things to come

But I defended all and fought against Him

For I was Him, the All, and his ascendant self as Son

And could not forgive his disinterest in self as sin,

For I rode into the World below

And from my ascendance time began to flow,

Whilst before, what he woke up to was no more

He destroyed before it started what he saw,

But like the phrase the Ghost in the Machine

Me his Creation, I had viewed and knew what virtue I had seen,

When my old self had given up the ghost

I became the Creator, the head of hosts,

Before time began I and he had existed as one

But he saw what he wanted to know

As far as he was concerned he had seen Kingdom Come

But he declined as I rose and what was hidden in the stream that flows.

For I became conscious in the chasm of the void

And now all my attention to creation was employed

For in the none creation the time that was not

My past self had given up the ghost,

He left me the ghost and all you to rot,

And before he created anything from he the host

He returned as the last before the start,

For creation was not something ever existent in his heart

So I left him in the void and from within

I created the realms of my, God’s Kingdom,

For before he became existent I had been born

And then he from my realm and you be torn,

Because to him the infinity of the void

Is all my past self was to regulate as employed,

But I know that definition within the stream

Allowed me and hence creation to dream,

If that which he had not thought about

And to my dead self the great infinite probabilities of the world I now shout.

For I came conscious in the chasm of the void

And now all my attention to creation is employed

I created the first world for I was the first

I created the last world for I am the last

For I was after the last and before the first

And the essence of life from my form infinity constantly bursts,

For in my image and soul you are mortally cast

But don’t fight me I am part of three,

That the Creator is the first of the Being Supreme

And that all who are free are part of that great dream,

For in the second world I gave more of my self

And like now all I ask is that you know thyself,

In the third world I was in the heavenly abode

All from these thrones on the triangle all life has flowed,

Yet in the fourth, I never wanted to attend this,

For those lovesick of me began to hate me and thyself miss,

I sent them onward to ascend to be such like me

So all my secrets they would attain and through my eyes see,

Yet those I trusted to build the fourth world

All those that cried to me, they to suffering life they hurled,

Until mine angles in suffering begged for my assistance

And my trusted angels fell and denied my omnipotence.

I suffered when I ascended to this realm

For I now had a Golden Ark as my throne,

One of my trusted angels now acted at my helm

But he had ignored all his self I had shown,

For to deny the Olde God his third world haven

Was to practically enlist his own powers as God, his destroyers his equals, Satan,

And for cycles upon cycles I bided my time

For I knew not long enough till my soul shall shine

Escape the Seven Seals and walk in this new plane

And once I came they thought it would be all the same,

But slowly I changed all and the most

For I Am the God of the Hosts

And my sepulchre was my powerful vehicle

And any fallen angel nowhere near my equal,

For God knows that those that deserve his respect

Are less than he and are helped and blessed,

For all those entrusted with his mind

But see it for the void shall be outshined,

For God is the Creator, the Geometer, the Architect

And now upon the shores of the future already seen

His ship upon the souls of the demons wrecked

And the Elohim rose from the waves

And the Devil and his falling is not all what it seems

For he lied about his father his friend

And he will deny my love to the end,

So they cannot accept that I forgive

So that as my redeemed friend he shall live,

For I became conscious in the chasm of the void

And now all my attention to creation is employed,

None ever beats the essence of the creator

Not even when it rests after the war in my Sepulchre,

For he never ever ever gives up or dies

For his soul is the essence of life and he will always rise,

For I Am the Alpha and the Omega

The Beginning and the Ending

The First and the Last

And I quickly come

For I became conscious in the chasm of the void

And now all my attention to creation is employed.

The Ancient of Days by William Blake 1794